BUFF Originals is a Black British Film and TV development, production and distribution company, focusing on films with strong black leads in-front of and behind the camera. 
Our stories explore premium urban fables, fantasy and future through an unapologetic black lens. 
We welcome submissions from black writers and producers primarily of all genders and diverse distinctions. 
We also open our doors to non-black producers and writers who bring us projects with strong black leads and/or multi-ethnic worlds, reflecting the true diversity of our modern universe. 
All genres welcome.
We are not interested in black-centred trauma based narratives, senseless poverty and crime projects or white-saviour stories.
With no more than 5 projects in development at any one time, we can focus on each project from concept to release. 
We aim to produce upto 3 films per year and 1 TV series with budgets of $3m+ unless we believe a low/micro project has serious commercial potential. 
Our distribution strategy has seen us successfully license over 400+ short and feature length festival films to Apple TV, Pivot TV, BBC iPlayer, London Live and Bohemia Euphoria since 2015.